Due to COVID-19, all Learn to Skate classes are currently canceled.

Please check back for updates.  

Class Description

Snowplow Sam 1-3 (Ages 3-5)

US Figure Skating curriculum to develop balance and body movement as the skater becomes more comfortable with the ice. Skaters learn the basics of safe falling and recovery as well as basic movement on the ice.

Basic 1-8 ( Ages 6+)

US Figure Skating curriculum designed to teach the fundamentals to all ice sports including forward and backwards skating, turns, stops, spins and crossovers.

Adult 1-4 ( Ages 16+)

US Figure Skating curriculum designed for the mature skater and teaches the same fundamentals as the Basic 1-8 curriculum. 

Benefits of Learning to skate

The benefits of learning to skate exceed far beyond the skills learned on the ice. Figure skating is a wonderful and fun sport that develops self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance, good health and lifelong friendships. Whether your child or you strive to achieve Olympic fame or simply want to enjoy the benefits of skating, Louisville Figure Skating Club's Basic Skills Program is the perfect starting point to making that goal a reality.