in Louisville figure skating club in Louisville kentucky

The Louisville Figure Skating Club was the first figure skating club sanctioned by the United States Figure Skating Association in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  It was established by a group of figure skating enthusiasts of all ages from across Kentucky and southern Indiana in 1945.  Due to the absence of any ice skating arenas within the state, this group of figure skating enthusiasts persuaded the authorities at Bowman Air Field to allow them to convert abandoned barracks into ice surfaces.  The club forged a strong bonded by contributing their time to lay the ice surface on the concrete barracks floor and surfacing the ice using homemade tools.  The club members would often skate by moonlight positioning their cars so that the headlights illuminated the rink surface.  During the post World-War II years, the Armory in downtown Louisville (now the Gardens) was converted to an ice skating rink and the club had their first opportunity to skate on an indoor ice surface.  In 1953, the LFSC became the first USFSA club in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.   One of the founding members, Marilyn Perryman, later skated with Sonja Henie in her Ice Review.  LFSC member Charlie Fetter would become the USFSA National Ice Dancing Champion with his partner Lorna Dyer.  In 1960, the club was excited to move their home rink to the new Alpine Ice Arena, at 1825 Gardiner Lane, in Louisville, Kentucky, which remains LFSC's home rink today.  The LFSC, whose members range in age from 6 to 90, skates on Saturday at Alpine Ice Arena from 5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Guests and members of all ages, backgrounds, interests and goals are welcome.